I myself am made entirely of flaws,

stitched together with good intentions.

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#276 ...family visit


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such a nice looking place SAFTI MI. the grass was so green and pretty i was so tempted to roll down the slopes. then again if i did that, sham would prolly end up only booking out next year.
so takmo cari na'as yo!

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eh sham is blending in nicely with the greenery yar, i see what they mean about the pixelated(?) effect of the uni, haha. hope you and him both are coping well with ns! and see you on sat!

so far okay la Alhamdullilah (:
i'm not too sure about sat because it's his first book out and i can't meet him on sundaaay, grr. But i'll try my best! Haven't seen you for so long la Ilyana!

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